Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chianti, Italy

One of Italy's most desirable properties is found in Chitanti, about 20 minutes from Florence. It is here where American stars come to find their getaway home. Here, on July 23 students got an education in wine and olive oil production. Our first stop was Castle di Trebbio built by the Pazzie Family, who were business competitors of the Medici Family. It was here that the Pazzies plotted to kill the Medici brothers, Lorenzo and Juliano, so they could rule Florence. The pope at the time was aiding the Pazzie Family. They were successful in killing Lorenzo but not Juliano. The death of Juliano could have changed the course of history because several of the popes were part of the Medici Family afterward. It was bought in 1960 by a private family who established the winery.

That night faculty and students dined at Florence's Open View, where they surprised Professor Fellow on his birthday with a Florence leather book containing pictures and letters from each of them. He was very touched and something that will be long remembered!

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  1. This is such a wonderful opportunity for our students to receive international education! I admire Dr. Anthony Fellow for his vision of the Florence program and the way he has managed to integrate the Italy experience into the curriculum. The program is engaging, fun and very educational. I was there last year and saw it first hand! Without a doubt, the program provides every participant with motivation and energy for a life-long learning about media, people and cultures in Italy and elsewhere! I highly recommend the Department of Communications Media Institute!!

    Fred Zandpour, Ph.D.
    Department of Communications